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Genuine potterton boiler spares from HSP Group

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We are the largest internet supplier of genuine potterton spares part of the HSP Group the name Gas engineers trust boiler Parts direct to your door.

Genuine manufacturer Potterton boiler parts from interpart

For safety reasons, we resolutely refuse to stock anything other than genuine boiler spares. Cheap copied parts can be not only dangerous to your household, but can also result in severely shortened component lifetimes.

The safety of our customers is of prime importance to us, therefore we will only ever supply genuine manufacturer boiler spares. This ensures that your boiler maintains safe operation and guarantees the long life expectancy of your Ideal part. You will never find cheap or pattern copied spares listed within our extensive parts database

Potterton Spare Parts Fantastic Savings on all Heating spares

As part of the Heating Group Heating Spare Parts provide the very best in boiler spares. With a long and established name in the online sales of boiler parts, we are a trusted name in genuine manufacturer heating spares.

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